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Re: [Linux-cluster] falure during gfs2_grow caused node crash & data loss

----- bergman merctech com wrote:
| => gfs2 by gfs2_convert?  If it was created by gfs_mkfs and converted
| Yes.
| => then there's not much hope of recovering because fsck.gfs2 isn't
| => currently smart enough to handle oddly-spaced rgrps left behind by
| gfs1.
| Ouch.


Yeah, the gfs_fsck has more smarts as far as recovering its oddly-spaced
rgrps.  I've talked about extracting that code from gfs_fsck and adding
it to fsck.gfs2, but so far we've been too busy.  I haven't even opened
a bugzilla on it yet.  If you open a bugzilla, I'll work on it, but that
will take a fair amount of testing before it will be ready.

The other issue is that it sounds like there might be a bug in
gfs2_grow when dealing with these oddly-spaced rgrps as well.
That needs to be investigated more fully.  I'd also like a
bugzilla bug record for that work as well.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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