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Re: [Linux-cluster] Unable to start cman on FC12 VM's Cluster3

On 3/7/2010 3:26 PM, brem belguebli wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm fighting with cman on 2 FC12 VM's (KVM).
> I'm unable to start cman.
> Below my cluster.conf
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <cluster name="fccl1" config_version="3">
>   <clusternodes>
> 	<clusternode name="node1.localdomain" votes="1" nodeid="1"/>
> 	<clusternode name="node2.localdomain" votes="1" nodeid="2"/>
>   </clusternodes>
> 	<cman expected_votes="2" two_node="1"/>
>   <fencedevices>
>   </fencedevices>
>   <rm>
>     <failoverdomains/>
>     <resources/>
>   </rm>
> </cluster>
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> when running service cman start, it times out and complains that it
> cannot join the cluster (timeout waiting for cluster), despite that
> corosync is started.
> Disabled selinux, nodes are referenced in each node's /etc/hosts.
> Any idea ? 

Try the following steps:

1) disable iptables
2) add <logging debug="on"/> before <clusternodes>
3) try to start the cluster with: "/etc/init.d/cman start join"

if it still fails, then please collect all the logs from /var/log/cluster.

Point 3 is to break the init script at cman startup time. There is no
point to load everything else if cman doesn´t work.

If the cluster starts, then verify with "cman_tool status" and
"cman_tool nodes" that the nodes can see each other and then you can
simply execute again "service cman start" to start all the other cluster


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