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Re: [Linux-cluster] Unable to start cman on FC12 VM's Cluster3

On Tue, 2010-03-23 at 21:02 +0100, Fabio M. Di Nitto wrote:
> On 3/23/2010 8:31 PM, brem belguebli wrote:
> > Hi Fabio,
> > 
> > I meant on FC12 VM's, I'm pretty sure it has been tested on bare metal....
> > 
> > For reminder, I'm trying to build a cluster of 2 FC12 VM's (KVM) on a
> > single machine (my laptop with intel-vt instructions running FC12) for
> > testing purposes.
> > 
> > I'll try what you are proposing and let you know.
> Yes I have this exact same setup.
> One more thing you want to check is how VMs connect to the host. The
> host network might be doing NAT and that would make a mess with cluster.

Already caught that thanks to tcpdump. I'm using "virtual network
'netw' : Route to eth0" in virt-manager 
> My VMs are connected "transparently" to the rest of the network. No NAT,
> no proxy and so on.
> Try the following steps:

> 1) disable iptables
> 2) add <logging debug="on"/> before <clusternodes>
> 3) try to start the cluster with: "/etc/init.d/cman start join"

OK, my mistake, sorry, I thought iptables was disabled, but it wasn't.

The cluster forms now.



> Fabio

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