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Re: [Linux-cluster] nfs mountpoints

Hello Joelly,

Does this really work in RHEL / CS 5.x? I agree that this was the way to go in Cluster Suite v3.x (don't remember if worked in 4.x), but I tried this recently with a RHEL 5.4 installation and it didn't work. It always exported the whole GFS filesystems.


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From: Joelly Alexander <alex joelly net>

found by myself - path does the trick...


On 02.05.2010 16:33, Joelly Alexander wrote:
> hello,
> i have an working 2node cluster which serves an gfs2 mountpoint via nfs;
> how to configure that subdirectories under the gfs2 mountpoint are exported via nfs and not the entire gfs2 mountpoint is exported via nfs?
> i do not want to create many gfs2 mountpoints and export them as different nfs exports - this should be possible with only one gfs2 mountpoint also, or?
> it is possible to configure nfs outside the rhcs, but if possible i want to have it inside...


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