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[Linux-cluster] Cluster Workshop - Build a 2-Node Cluster! - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Before I get to the root of this message, let me add the disclaimer I shared with the list admin:

I am trying to promote cluster use, or at least help lower the barrier to entry. To that end, I am looking to offer a free workshop on building a simple 2-node cluster in the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada.

I'm certainly not a cluster guru, and have been learning a lot as I go. I've actually based a recent talk and an in-progress HowTo on what I've learned and where I've tripped along the way. I've also created an open-hardware, open-source fence device to make it cheaper to build clusters using commodity hardware (links below).

The announcement:

Cluster Workshop - Build a 2-Node Cluster!

-=] What:

You or your group would come with two bare servers and leave with a fully-functioning 2-Node cluster.

-=] When:

Looking at the weekend of Jul. 31 - Aug. 1. The date may shift a weekend or two in either direction depending on the availability of space and the schedules of interested attendees.

-=] Where:

In the greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada. Exact location to be determined based on interest levels.

-=] Cost:

I will donate my time and I may have access to a suitable location, depending on how much interest there is. If there are costs associated with the location, that price will be converted into a ticket price based on the costs incurred. Given these potential costs, please be clear on your interest level.

-=] Requirements:

You are responsible for your own hardware (capable machines, fence, monitor(s), peripherals).

You will need to be familiar with:
- CentOS/Red Hat OS Install.
- LVM (in concept, if not practice).
- Understand basic networking.
- No prior experience with clustering is required.

If you are interested but aren't sure if you've got the skills yet, let me know and I will be happy to help bring people up to speed before hand as best I can.

-=] What else?

If I can get a board laid up soon enough, I can provide Node Assassin fence devices for a modest cost. If you have access to servers with IPMI, you're set. If you need help with sourcing hardware, let me know and I will help.

-=] Last thoughts?

This whole exercise is contingent on their being enough interest.


Fence device:
- http://nodeassassin.org

In progress How-To:
- http://wiki.alteeve.com/index.php/2-Node_CentOS5_Cluster

E-Mail:         linux alteeve com
AN!Whitepapers: http://alteeve.com
Node Assassin:  http://nodeassassin.org

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