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[Linux-cluster] Why token value > quorum_dev_poll ??

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 10:16 PM, umesh susvirkar <susvirkar 3616 gmail com> wrote:
is this mandatory .

i did not face any problem even if quorum_dev_poll value > totem

but redhat always say quorum_dev_poll value should be  < totem

 Can any one give me scenario were quorum_dev_poll value > totem will create a problem but not with quorum_dev_poll value < <totem

they  give me this scenario.

if qdiskd hang & at the same time my network go down 

What i found
case 1: quorum_dev_poll =40 s totem=20s

what i did i killed the qdisk process & at the same remove the network cable

output was: at 20 s token was lost & both node fenced each other

case 2: quorum_dev_poll= 20s totem=30s

at 20s both lost contact with quorum device but no problem in cluster,but at 30s token lost as well as quorum was dissolve ( no fencing happen )
i have to manually reboot the server

what i got explanation  for case 1 is that  the quorum process is dead it vote still present with cman 
i agree with this  but quorum vote is really matter when your heartbeat packet is lost.

Case 2: cluster is behaving as expected

if you can see in both the case the actual decision is taken when the token value is time out,then were come dependency between
2 parameter.

 You can check the log attach for your reference ( u can search for string umesh in node1 file )

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