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Re: [Linux-cluster] pull plug on node, service never relocates

Addendum, and a symptom of this issue is that because node1 does not reboot and rejoin the cluster, the service it was running never relocates.

I left it in this state over the weekend. Came back Monday morning, the service had still not relocated.

It is not fencing. It is not fencing. Fencing works. Fencing works.

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 3:58 PM, Dusty <dhoffutt gmail com> wrote:
I appreciate the help - but I'm saying the same thing for like the fourth or fifth time now.

Fencing is working well. All cluster nodes are able to communicate to the fence device (APC PDU).

Another example. The cluster is quorate with five nodes and four running services. Am pulling the plug on node1. I need service1, that happens to be running on node1 right now, to relocate ASAP - not after node1 has rebooted. Node3 is a member of the cluster and is available to accept a service relocation.

I have cluster ssh logged into all nodes and am tailing their /var/log/messages file.

14:57 "Pulling the plug" on node1 now (really just turning off the electrical port on the APC).
About five seconds later....
14:58:00 node2 fenced[7584] fencing node ""
14:58:05 node2 fenced[7584] fence "" success
--- Right now the service SHOULD be being relocated - but it doesn't! ---
-- a few minutes later, node1 has rebooted after being successfully fenced via node2 operating the APC PDU.
15:03:43 node3 clurgmgrd[4813]: <notice> Recovering failed service service:service1

Second test now - doing the exact same thing, but this time really pulling the plug on node1.

Everything happens the same except node2 fencing node1 has no effect because I've simulated a complete node failure on node1. It is not going to boot.

On Sat, May 15, 2010 at 1:25 PM, Corey Kovacs <corey kovacs gmail com> wrote:
The reason I was pointing at the fencing config is that the service
will only re-locate when fenced is able to confirm that the offending
node has been fenced. If this can't happen, then services will not
relocate since the cluster doesn't know the state of all the nodes. If
a node get's an anvil dropped on it, then it should stop responding
and the cluster should then try to invoke the fence on that node to
make sure that it is indeed dead, even if it only cycles the power
port for n already dead node.

Given you description you should experience the same "problem" if you
simply turn the node off. Nomally, when you turn the power off (not
pull the plug) then boot the node, the cluster either should have
aleady fenced the node, or it will fence as it's booting. Looks odd
but it's correct since the cluster has to get things to a known state.

After the fence and before the node boots, services should start
migrating. All of this you probably know but it's worth saying anwyay.

Basically, if your services only migrate after the node boots up, then
I believe fencing is not working properly. The services should migrate
while the node is booting or even before.

So it appears to me that when you power the apc yourself, or pull the
plug on the node, you have the same condition.

The way to really testing fencing, is to watch the logs on a node and issue

cman_tool kill <cluster memner> and tell cman to fence the node.

One thought, can all your cluster nodes talk the APC at all times?


On Sat, May 15, 2010 at 5:50 PM, Dusty <dhoffutt gmail com> wrote:
> Fencing works great - no problems there. The APC PDU responds beautifully to
> any node's attempt to fence.
> The issue is this:
> The service only relocates after the fenced node reboots and rejoins the
> cluster. Then the service relocates to another node. This happens well and
> without fail.
> But what if the node that was fenced refuses to boot back up because, say an
> anvil fell out of the sky and smashed it, or its motherboard fried?
> This is what I am simulating by pulling the plug on a node that happens to
> be running a service. The service will not relocate until the failed node
> has rebooted.
> I don't want that. I want the service to relocate ASAP regardless of if the
> failed node reboots or not.
> Thank you so much for your consideration.

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