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[Linux-cluster] Using ping as a heuristic not a great idea?

I know its in a ton of the example cluster configs out there, but we have had trouble whenever we try to use ping as a quorum heuristic.

What we have seen is whenever a large file transfer happens, the pings start to get dropped by Linux, and the heuristic test starts to fail, and the cluster node gets killed.

We have tried tweaking the interval, the count, the ttl, adding a -w etc.. and nothing really keeps the cluster from killing nodes when they get really busy network traffic.

I have personally had this heuristic work on small test environments, but once we put into production on really bust workloads it pretty much is useless.

It is a good idea in theory to use this because it would help ensure that in a split cluster situation you would end up with the box which had network connectivity would win over the one that did not. But...if it causes your cluster to die periodically its not worth it.

Is this a known issue, but its just never mentioned in any of the cluster setup examples?

Any one have a similar experience, or have any ideas on how to make it work in a very busy cluster environment?

Also, this makes me wonder, if I have a two node cluster, with each node getting 1 vote, the quorum getting 1 vote, and the heuristic getting 1 vote, but set the 'required' to only 2 votes, why would the heuristic cause a loss of quorum since the node with the quorum disk alone would have the needed two votes?

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