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Re: [Linux-cluster] pull plug on node, service never relocates

Did I mention?

Regarding the state after pulling the plug...:

Watching clustat from another member of the cluster, the state of service core1 remained "started" until after node1 was fenced, the OS had rebooted, the node started its cluster software, and rejoined the cluster - at that time the state changed to "recoverable." Approximately 30 seconds after that the spare node started the service core1, during which time it was obviously "starting."

Going to try the latest cman (2.0.115-34) and rgmanager (2.0.52-6) from the RHEL5.5 stream now (am using RHEL5.4).

Just tried it. No luck. Installed a few more updates of various related things that get installed when doing a yum group-install clustering... Again, no change.

BUT just noticed something interesting - This is a five node cluster with four configured cluster services. If I only have three of the cluster services running, leaving two nodes "spare," then simulate a node failure, the node gets fenced AND the service immediatley relocates.....


On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 2:42 PM, Alfredo Moralejo <amoralej redhat com> wrote:
What is the state of service that was running in the node after pulling the power cables? stopped, failed?

Set rgmanager in verbose mode with <rm log_level="7" log_facility="local4">



On 05/19/2010 07:08 PM, Dusty wrote:
In the interest of trouble-shooting I've taken all the failover domains out of the configuration.

This resulted in no change:

Service on a failed node does not relocate until the failed node reboots.

To reiterate: Similar cluster configuration on similar hardware worked perfectly on RHEL5U3.
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