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Re: [Linux-cluster] Incomplete gfs2_fsck aborting without error

On 27/05/2010, at 11:00 AM, Tom Lanyon wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Thanks. This reveals a number of errors  (directory entries pointing to out of range blocks, wrong leaf counts, blocks marked wrong in the bitmap and a couple of unrecoverable inode errors). It's a little scary that these sorts of errors aren't discovered by the regular fsck!
> This disk was grown at some point so I assume this problem occurred as a result of the filesystem extension, could this be "GFS2: fatal: invalid metadata block after gfs2_grow (BZ#546683)" ?

Sorry to reply to my own post, but after Bob's new fsck.gfs2 was successfully run and the filesystem was remounted, it's actually now reporting its *old* size.

- the block device and gfs2 fs were 70GB;
- the block device was grown to 100GB, then gfs2_grow was run and the filesystem reported 100GB too;
- encountered ENOSPC errors;
- unmount, run Bob's "fsck.gfs2 -y /dev/xvdb" and re-mount the filesystem;
- filesystem now reporting 70GB total space;

Is this a known issue?


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