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Re: [Linux-cluster] Incomplete gfs2_fsck aborting without error

On 27/05/2010, at 12:48 PM, Jeff Sturm wrote:

> One possible issue with gfs_grow:  Make sure all cluster nodes see the
> increased block device size before you grow the filesystem.  This should
> be automatic if you use CLVM, but other types of devices (iSCSI) may
> require intervention.  We've used gfs_grow successfully, but do not run
> any GFS2 filesystems.
> Just a guess, but it sounds like gfs2_grow failed, left the filesystem
> in an inconsistent state, and fsck.gfs2 was able to repair it.

The complete fsck was able to repair it, but it shrunk it back to the old size again.

I've just attempted a gfs2_grow again on the filesystem (and confirmed all hosts see the disk, which is a CLVM LV, as the same larger size), and whilst it's grown to the correct size I shortly receive ENOSPC errors when it tries to use the extra disk space.

To work around the problem for now, I've provisioned a new LV of the larger size, created a new GFS2 filesystem on it and rsync'd the data across.

I've kept the old LV + filesystem available to do any further debugging, if necessary.


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