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Re: [Linux-cluster] ha-lvm

On 2 November 2010 20:14, Corey Kovacs <corey kovacs gmail com> wrote:
> Folks,


> lsof doesn't reveal anything "holding" onto that mount point yet the
> umount fails consistently (force_umount is enabled)

Are you sure that you're specifying the filesystem mount point (as
listed in fstab) and not the directory. I've cut myself on the sharp
options in lsof before. It might be worth adding the +D argument to
traverse all of the directories under the filesystem looking for open

You could also use fuser command in case it's pre-coffee operator
induced error ;)

> Furthermore, it appears I have at least one ov my VG's with bad tags,
> is there a way to show what tags a VG has?

"vgs -o vg_name,vg_tags"

Can you umount the volume manually? If you can then it's something to
do with the RHCS, otherwise it's something else.

> I've gone over the config several times and although I cannot show the
> config, here is a basic rundown in case something jumps out...


> If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

Jonathan Barber <jonathan barber gmail com>

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