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Re: [Linux-cluster] Starter Cluster / GFS

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> > Performance-wise, GFS should should be OK for that if you are
> > with noatime and the operations are all reads. If you end up with
> > write contention without partitioning the access to directory
> > on a per server basis, the performance will fall off a cliff pretty
> Can you explain a little bit more ? I'm not sure I fully understand
the partitioning into
> directories ?

We had to make similar changes to our application.

Avoid allowing two (or more) hosts to create small files in the same
shared directory within a GFS filesystem.  That particular case scales
poorly with GFS.

If you can partition things so that two hosts will never create files in
the same directory (we used a per-host directory structure for our
application), or perhaps direct all write operations to one host while
other hosts only read from GFS, it should perform well.


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