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Re: [Linux-cluster] Starter Cluster / GFS

Nicolas Ross wrote:

Ok, I see. Our applications will read/write into its own directory most of the time. In the rare cases when it'll be possible that 2 nodes read/writes to the same directory, it'll be for php sessions files. If we ever need to reach to this stage, we'll have to make a custom session handler to put them into a central memcached or something else...

You may be better off moving the session files to an asynchronous storage medium. Something like master-master replicated MySQL or SeznamFS if you want to use the file system. You'll likely save a considerable amount of latency on accesses. You don't need 100% real-time synchronicity on session information in this way. A few milliseconds of lag should be fine and it'll reduce the access latencies by potentially quite a lot.


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