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Re: [Linux-cluster] Starter Cluster / GFS

Nicolas Ross wrote:
Redundency for high-availaibility.

If a node fail, I can restart the service manually, or automaticly on
another node, without loosing any data.

You can do that anyway. You make the SAN exported block device and the non-shared FS on that share into dependent services. You make it so the FS service requires the block device service, and make the application providing service depend on the file system service. That ensures they'll all come up in the correct order and fail over together.

Using a shared file system gains you nothing in the use cases you are describing, other than reduce the performance.

Also, there are come common data between services that need to be availaible in real-time.

That's fair enough, but in that case some volume splitting may be in order (have the common static data on GFS and have everything else on fail-over non-shared file systems). For optimal performance, you should unshare as much as possible.


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