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Re: [Linux-cluster] Configurations of services?

Jakov Sosic wrote:
On 10/30/2010 01:00 PM, Jakov Sosic wrote:

What is best practice for keeping and updating configurations of
services that someone runs in cluster? For example, if I run <apache>
via cluster agent, then I create /etc/cluster/httpd-<nameofservice> on
each node in the domain (cp -r /etc/httpd /etc/cluster/httpd-<name>; cd
/etc/cluster/httpd-<name>; rm -f logs run modules; ln -s .....).

Now, Im puzzled how do you sync configurations between nodes? I do it
manually currently, but am seeking some automation of the process.

I do not want to keep configurations of EACH service ona shared disks,
for some services I want to have configurations on each node available.

Any thoughts on this one?

Well, let me say something then :) I'm thinking about starting a project
- developing set of utilities that would work just like "ccs_tool update
/etc/cluster/cluster.conf", but could update any config file in /etc/

What do you think about this?

You may want to look at csync2 before you re-invent that particular wheel. :)


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