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Re: [Linux-cluster] Starter Cluster / GFS

Jankowski, Chris wrote:

Digimer wrote:
Both partitions will try to fence the other, but the slower
will lose and get fenced before it can fence.

Well, this is certainly not my experience in dealing with modern
rack mounted or blade servers where you use iLO (on HP) or DRAC (on Dell).

What actually happens in two node clusters is that both servers
issue the fence request to the iLO or DRAC. It gets processed
and *both* servers get powered off.  Ouch!!  Your 100% HA cluster
becomes 100% dead cluster.

Indeed, I've seen this, too, on a range of hardware. My quick and dirty solution was to doctor the fencing agent to add a different sleep() on each node, in order of survivor preference. There may be a setting in cluster.conf that can be used to achieve the same effect, can't remember off the top of my head.


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