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[Linux-cluster] clusterfs.sh


I'm using cluster-3.0.17 and I'm mounting a shared gfs2 storage with force_unmount="1"
When rgmanager crashes on one node, it crashes on all other nodes and the reboot is the only option
because the shared storage is not unmounted and every process is using it it freezes.

Before figured it out why it crashes, I'm trying to understand why is not unmounted. In the log file I receive

Not unmounting clusterfs:backupfs - still in use by 1 other service(s)

the above message means the procesesses that uses the fs are not killed, or my services are not configured correctly?
I have something like below

 <rm status_poll_interval="30">
                <failoverdomain name="node1" restricted="1">
                        <failoverdomainnode name="node1"/>
                <failoverdomain name="node2" restricted="1">
                        <failoverdomainnode name="node2"/>

                <clusterfs force_unmount="1" fstype="gfs2" device="/dev/mapper/backup" mountpoint="/var/mybackup/backup_fs" name="backupfs" options="noatime,nodiratime,quota=off"/>
                <clusterfs force_unmount="1" fstype="gfs2" device="/dev/mapper/san" mountpoint="/mnt/storage" name="datafs" options="noatime,nodiratime,quota=off"/>
                <script name="gfs2" file="/etc/init.d/gfs2"/>
                <script name="crontab" file="/etc/init.d/crontab_install"/>

        <service autostart="1" recovery="disable" name="backupfs-node1" domain="node1">
                        <clusterfs ref="backupfs">
                                <script ref="crontab"/>
        <service autostart="1" recovery="disable" name="datafs-node1" domain="node1">
                        <clusterfs ref="datafs"/>
        <service autostart="1" recovery="disable" name="backupfs-node2" domain="node2">
                        <clusterfs ref="backupfs">
                                <script ref="crontab"/>

thank you
Dan Cândea
Does God Play Dice?

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