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Re: [Linux-cluster] Starter Cluster / GFS

Is this the storage you are sharing between the nodes? If so, how exactly are you doing it?

Also, you do realize that you don't have to use LVM at all? It is entirely optional.

Yes, that if for the shared gfs between the node. What we've decided to use is 2 raid-1 sets of 1 tb (2 disk each), added to a single vg of 2 tb. Other raid sets will be mounted on a per-node and per service basis.

I know I can make a gfs on a standard partion, but to make a larger than the disk volume, I need either raid or lvm. Lvm adds also the ability to add space later.

What version of RHEL are you using? Early versions of RHEL5 had GFS2 lock-up issues like you're describing. IIRC, GFS2 was only considered stable from around RHEL 5.5 (technology-preview-only in earlier versions of RHEL). Try with GFS1, it's a lot more mature.

I am currently using RHEL6 beta, while waiting for centos 6 to be out in a couple of weeks. I dont' think gfs1 is included with rhel6.
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