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Re: [Linux-cluster] Private Network for all cluster comms?

On 11/20/2010 05:41 AM, Colin Simpson wrote:

 > >
 > > Would this upset things with regards using keeping things the right way
 > > around in cluster.conf with regards "clusternode name" and "altname"?
 > My only real concern is that your SN could get too noisy. Personally,
 > I'd advice making it ring 0 and leaving your names alone. That said,
 > either *should* work.

So how do you force cluster comms to a private network in cluster.conf
if the the hostnames are still the main network names?

I use three interfaces;

eth0 = private back-channel network w/ fence devices. Hostnames (uname -n) resolve to this interface's IP (thus being ring 0)

eth1 = private storage channel. Entries in /etc/hosts with ".sn" suffix resolve to this interface's IP address. This is used with <altname...>, thus, is ring 1

eth2 = Internet facing network. During setup, these have hostnames in /etc/hosts with ".ifn" suffix resolving to IP addresses on the internet polluted network and have nothing cluster related on them.

I suppose also as I've never seen any reference to ring numbers in
cluster.conf itself.

<name ...> = ring 0
<altname ...> = ring 1



Hope that helps. :)

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