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Re: [Linux-cluster] Starter Cluster / GFS

Another question comes to mind.

For my services that will require a dedicated volume/file system, Am I
obligated to use gfs ? Services exemples in the docs refers to gfs, ext3/4 exemples seems to refer to local drives.

Can I make a volume group on my san, and many lv in that vg and mount a ext4
lv on one node and another lv on another node ? All being on the same drives

Next, I've also begun to play with service in cluster.conf. I successfully made a quick service like this :

<clusterfs device="/dev/mapper/GFSa-GFSa" force_unmount="1" fstype="gfs2" mountpoint="/GFSa" name="GFSa" options="noatime"/>
<service autostart="0" exclusive="0" name="example_server" recovery="relocate">
 <clusterfs ref="GFSa">
  <ip address="" monitor_link="on" sleeptime="10">
<script file="/GFSa/RichelieuWebServer/apache2/bin/apachectl" name="example_server"/>

It's working pretty well. There's not much documentation for the ressource manager, I wish to know more about the expected behaviour of the script in regard of status, etc.
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