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[Linux-cluster] Updating cluster.conf file under RHEL6

Hi all,

I have downloaded a trial RHEL6 DVD to test new cluster suite under this platform (cman-3.0.12-23.el6_0.4.x86_64). After install one node, I have migrated some data from my production's cluster that consists on two RHEL 5.5 nodes.

All works ok (moving cluster.conf file, data, etc), except when I try to modify and propagate new cluster.conf file. In RedHat's documentation says: "Run the cman_tool version -r command to propagate the configuration to the rest of the cluster nodes.". This procedure works if all nodes are up, but if I try to do this with only one up returns this error:

Error: Unable to initialize the crypto subsystem.
cman_tool: ccs_sync failed.
If you have distributed the config file yourself, try re-running with -S

Trying "cman_tool version -S", returns:

6.2.0 config 3

This is an old version. With RHEL5.x I can use this command "ccs_tool update /etc/cluster/cluster.conf" and all works ok if all nodes are up or not.

Is not possible to update cluster.conf if all nodes aren't up?? This is a problem, almost for me.


CL Martinez
carlopmart {at} gmail {d0t} com

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