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[Linux-cluster] new cluster defined and storage added - what's next?


ok i've been lurking here for a while studying "the whole cluster thing", and i've made this progress:

two ILO2-based HP servers running CentOS 5.5 with fibre connections to a switch;
one promise fibre array-based raid1 drive of 4TB (4x 2TB drives); and
Cluster Storage and Clustering packages installed.

using luci running on srv0 i've defined the cluster, added two nodes, their fencing (IPMI Lan), and everything looks good.

on srv0 i changed the "wrk" raid1 storage to "Clustered: True", and sure enough it shows up on srv1 as "Clustered: True". so i assUme i've done everything right thus far...

since i'm aiming for a primary:primary cluster (HA), i should change that cluster.conf parm for that, yes?

if i want to be able to access this "wrk" drive from a non-clustered server via NFS, what's next?

q:  the "wrk" array uses xfs (setup before the cluster).  it's ok if it
    gets levelled.  do i need to use GFS2 or ZFS or some other
    filesystem format, or can i continue to use xfs?

q:  i'm assUming that i need to make NFS a managed service if i want it
    to be HA, yes?

q:  anything i've missed?

i'm amazed that this has been this easy thus far - kudos to all of you!


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