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Re: [Linux-cluster] what should fence_xvm do if dom0 is down

On 10/01/2010 02:11 AM, Joel Heenan wrote:
So just further to this I found a Red Hat bug about this exact issue:


And for me it works perfectly if the dom0 is fenced using fence_node on
the command line. However, if the host becomes unavailable then it is
not fenced, and from reading the fenced man page it seems this is
because there isn't a shared resource like clvm or gfs, so therefore the
cluster doesn't see a need to fence the host. This means subsequent
fence_xvm commands fail.

I guess I need to find a way to force fenced to operate without clvm and
fence dom0s?


fence_xvm/fence_xvmd is designed to handle two primary cases:

1) kill the misbehaving VM, or
2) Wait for the last-known owner of misbehaving VM to be dead.

Effectively, (2) occurs when the host cluster node dies and the host is subsequently fenced.

According to 570373, (2) stopped working at some point, but I haven't gotten enough information to adequately debug the problem.

If you have a cluster which exhibits this behavior, please contact me on FreeNode in #linux-cluster.

-- Lon

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