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Re: [Linux-cluster] changing qdiskd config params

If you change a setting inside the quorumd stanza and then propagate the change across the cluster with ccs_tool update, you should only have to stop / start the qdiskd service on all the nodes in the cluster for them to take on the new values.  However, you need to make sure you cycle qdiskd within the timeout window, or you could have a node get fenced if it hasn't updated its slot on the qdisk in time.

The best way we've found to test something like a tko value is to fail a node (or stop qdiskd and let it fail) and watch the logs to assure logged timeouts follow your settings.

Greg Charles
gcharles ups com

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I need to change the tko value of my qdisk in the cluster conf.
Do i have to restart the whole cluster services for that change or can I update the running configuration via ccs_tool update?

Also is there the possibility to see which tko value I currently use in the running setup (so that I can see that e.g. a ccs_tool update change my current and running tko value)?


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