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Re: [Linux-cluster] need help - Fencing problem

1. ) You can increase the verbosity level for troubleshooting??
   <cluster alias="girish" config_version="n+1" name="girish">
  <fence_daemon clean_start="0" post_fail_delay="0" post_join_delay="3" log_level="7"/>
  <rm log_level="7">
#ccs_tool update /etc/cluster/cluster.conf

Copy-paste /var/log/messages

2.) What version of PSP you have installed??

3.) If  nothing works, I recommend using fence_ipmi


2010/9/9 <rhurst bidmc harvard edu>
For what it is worth, our experiences with HP iLO management cards:
iLO found on G1 servers does not need to be licensed, AFAIK, it does not have the option to do so anyways.
iLO2 found on G2 and beyond does not need to be licensed either, if you are only using it as a fencing device.  We licensed all of ours, because it enabled useful KVM with remote media capabilities that are superior than our Raritan KVM infrastructure.
Both management cards should have their firmware updated -- they were both problematic to us as factory-shipped, but applying their update packs allowed them to work as advertised.
Also, can't you add "-v" for verbose output and also something like "-D /tmp/fence.out" to save debugging info to an output file?  It might help some to see where exactly the failure is occuring.  Good luck.

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Subject: [Linux-cluster] need help - Fencing problem

Hello Everybody,
i am having problem of fencing a cluster node  let me explain indetail :
I have installed RHEL 5.4 on  HP Prolaint DL280 G5 servers and iLO 2as fencing device. Am managing cluster through Luci - (Conga). itseems everything is working fine. I can reboot cluster nodes through Luci and service get transfer to another node. After rebooting node connect to cluster automatically without any error.
Problem is i can not do Fence this node through Luci, when i try to fence any node i get following error :

Sep  8 14:51:16 node2 fence_node[9106]: agent "fence_ilo" reports: Unable to connect/login to fencing device
Sep  8 14:51:16 node2 fence_node[9106]: Fence of "node1.drctmb.com" was unsuccessful

my iLO license is : iLO 2 Advanced Evaluation
Do i need to have  license of iLO or there is problem in configuration of cluster ?
how i can check cluster log in details.
Appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance.
Girishkumar R Prajapati

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