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Re: [Linux-cluster] HA agents (cluster scripts)

On 09/15/2010 04:08 PM, Carlos Maiolino wrote:

> Cluster uses system V model to manage scripts, so, it needs to have
> a start, stop and status arguments, where each argument can return 0
> if ok or 1 if any error occurred. so, after that, you can use "script"
> as a resource agent and point cluster.conf to your custom script.
> About debug it, what do you exactly want to debug ? if it is working
> properly ? So, it should work if you manually run:
> service <your_script> <status>  (status is one of the three above
> status).
> There is a document explaining how to set up these scripts,
> I'm trying to find it.

I meant writing HA resource agent - like the ones that are in
/usr/share/cluster directory. I know about script resource and classic
init scripts, but would prefer to write an resource provider XML/script.

Thing is - I don't have a clue how to test them, because of all the
"OCF" variables they parse...

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