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Re: [Linux-cluster] HA agents (cluster scripts)

 On 09/15/2010 01:37 PM, Ofer Inbar wrote:
Cleber Rosa<crosa redhat com>  wrote:
  If they're bash scripts, you might want to try:

#bash -x<script>  <arguments>.
This won't work.  The interface between the resource manager and the
resource agent script is more than just "run the script".  It includes:

  - What environment does the script get when run by the RM?
    - Which includes a lot of parameters passed from the RM to the script

I've never run into issues where a testing "script resource" sys-v like script (redundancy intended!) in a shell resulted in behaviour different then one running under rgmanager.

Maybe you're trying to debug other "cluster scripts", that implement other resources (such as filesystems, floating IP addresses, etc).

Or maybe my mileage is indeed very very low regarding this...

  - What metadata must the agent script provide to the RM?
    - ... and what the RM will do differently based on this metadata

  - When does the RM call the agent, with which paremeters?
    - What actions will it take in response to exit codes
    - What happens to stdout and stderr (answer below)

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