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[Linux-cluster] Netscape directory servers 6.1 stopped replicating to each other

We run a pair of Netscape directory servers V6.1 on two separate
servers (they're not clustered) and their LDAP entries replicate/
synchronize to each other.
This replication has been running fine for years and couple of
weeks back, the replication failed to work anymore and about that
time, I noticed an alert "port LDAP (389) is not responding".

Though the Tcp389 port subsequently recovered, the replication
did not recover.
From the logs, the following link describes this issue very well:
Redhat has a patch for the directory server, but for linux version only: 
As we can't locate the patch for our version/platform (HP-UX), we
followed the workaround given by the link below :
1. shutdown both LDAPs 
2. remove replication agreement. 
3. export data from the LDAP with latest data 
4. import to the other ldap 
5. remove all change log db 
6. add back the replication agreement

This enabled the replication to work for a few weeks but
unfortunately, this same problem resurfaced again.

Appreciate any sharing from anyone who has any insight on
this issue.

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