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Re: [Linux-cluster] Regarding Redhat Cluster Configuration

On 10-09-30 02:29 PM, prasanna kumar wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am newly joined in this group. Kindly send me the redhat cluster
> configuration steps for redhat 5 version.
> Also  Could you please advise me for my below questions.
>  Are we able to configure the Redhat Cluster (adding nodes) only in
> graphical environment? or we can configure in text mode also.

Welcome. :)

Clusters can be configured in many different ways, so to help you, you
need to better explain what you are trying to accomplish.

As for configuration method; I personally do the entire configuration
and maintenance from the command line. It is a question of a) What do
you prefer and b) Do the graphical tools support the various
configuration options that you need to fiddle with.

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