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Re: [Linux-cluster] nfs4 kerberos

Shouldnt have to recompile rpc.gssd. On failover I migrated the ip address first, made portmapper a depend on the ip, rpc.gssd depend on portmap and nfsd depend on rpc. As for the hostname, I went with the inelegant solution of putting a 'hostname' command in the start functions of the portmapper script since that fires first in my config.

On Apr 6, 2011 6:06 PM, "Daniel R. Gore" <danielgore yaktech com> wrote:

I also found this thread, after many searches.

As I read through it, there appears to be a patch for rpc.gssd which
allows for the daemon to be started and associated with multiple hosts.
I do not want to compile rpc.gssd and it appears the patch is from over
two years ago.  I would hope that RHEL6 would have rpc.gssd patched to
meet this requirement, but no documentation appear to exist for how to
use it.

On Wed, 2011-04-06 at 20:23 -0400, Daniel R. Gore wrote:
> Ian,
> Thanks for the info.

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