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Re: [Linux-cluster] very poor rm performance with gfs2 (el6)

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| Just a quick question. When updates to gfs are made like this, in what
| form
| does it comes ? Update to gfs2-utils package ? If that's so, do I need
| to
| re-mount my filesystem to take advantage of such update ?
| Regards,


I'm not sure I completely understand the question, but:

GFS2 is part of the base kernel, so you'll automatically get
the patch when a new kernel is installed that contains the
patch.  When you install a new kernel on a node, you should
reboot the node, and then you'll get the fix automatically.

As for the patch itself, the bugzilla record is normally
used to track the progress.  Patches always go upstream
first before they're accepted into RHEL, and in the case of
gfs2, there's a public mailing list called "cluster-devel"
where upstream patches are posted for the gfs2 kernel
development tree.  The development tree itself is:

Did that answer your question?


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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