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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence_apc and Apc AP-8941

Protocol major versions differ: 1 vs. 2

So they drop support for ssh v1. Unfortunately old versions were not usable with v2. I can make ssh_options tunable and not only pre-set.

So, there is no ssh version 1 on this version of the apc switrch. I commented out that line in /usr/sbin/fence_apc, and now the fence agent is able to establish the connection, but it cannot go any further.

Add "cmd_prompt" into device_opt in fence_apc. Then you will have possibility to set --command-prompt to "apc>".

Both fixes will be simple, feel free to create bugzilla entry for them.

Ok, we are progressing. I did create a support case, as suggested by Fabio. It's case # 447666

I get a little further, but now it also seems that the command have also changed

Now my log shows :

American Power Conversion Network Management Card AOS v5.1.2 (c) Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved RPDU 2g v5.1.0
Name      : Unknown                                   Date : 04/08/2011
Contact   : Unknown                                   Time : 10:49:39
Location  : Unknown                                   User : Device Manager
Up Time   : 0 Days 2 Hours 18 Minutes                 Stat : P+ N4+ N6+ A+

Type ? for command listing
Use tcpip command for IP address(-i), subnet(-s), and gateway(-g)

E101: Command Not Found

E101: Command Not Found


When I connect manually, here are the commands availaible :

bkLowLoad   bkNearOver  bkOverLoad  bkReading   bkRestrictn devLowLoad
devNearOver devOverLoad devReading  devStartDly humLow      humMin
humReading  olCancelCmd olDlyOff    olDlyOn     olDlyReboot olGroups
olName      olOff       olOffDelay  olOn        olOnDelay   olRbootTime
olReboot    olStatus    phLowLoad   phNearOver  phOverLoad  phReading
phRestrictn prodInfo    sensorName  tempHigh    tempMax     tempReading
userList    whoami

So the command to send would be :

olReboot node101

Like so :

apc>olReboot node101
E000: Success


and then "quit" to logout.
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