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[Linux-cluster] Slowness of GFS2

Hi !

We are slowly migrating services to our new cluster... We curently have an 8
node cluster with a 16 1tb disk enclosure in 7 x raid1 pairs, with 2 global

the first 2 arrays are in one vg, wich is in turn seperated in a 100 gig, a
300 and a 1tb lvs, all in gfs2.

I use the firts lv as a global utility partition where I put my developement
directories (source trees for apache, php, etc), and other binary utilities.
This partition is mounted all the time on all nodes (it's in /etc/fstab).

Now, if I connect to the first node, do some make distclean, ./configure, make and make install in on of my source directory, httpd for instance. The make distclean for exemple takes about 30 seconds or so.

Now, I logout from the first node and I move to the next node where I need to do such update, and go into the same directory and do the same thing. Now it takes forever. I stoped after 3 or 4 minutes. There was no other node useing that directory at that time.

Here's my fstab entry :

/dev/VGa/gfs /gfs gfs2 defaults,noatime,noquota  0 0

What can I do or what parameter can I tune to help improve this kind of performance ?

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