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Re: [Linux-cluster] about cluster

On 04/19/2011 02:34 AM, Harvinder Singh Binder wrote:
> Good afternoon sir,
>                         Please send me whole detail about cluster such as what is cluster, requirement,configration etc
> Harvinder Singh S/O Baldev Raj, VPO Barwa Teh. Anandpur Sahib, Dist. Ropar, PunjabE-Mail ID:-     jmd_singhsaini yahoo com

This is a bit like asking someone to send you all the details on how to
be a programmer. It is simply not possible.

* Clusters can be designed for High Availability, Performance or
* What specific applications or services do you want to cluster and are
they supported by any cluster stack.
* What cluster foundation; Corosync or Heartbeat? What resource manager,
Pacemaker or rgmanager?
* How big will you make your cluster? Will it spread over a wide area
between data centers?

You need to come back to the list with *much* more specific questions.
You will also find people here more willing to help if you show what
work you've done on your own. As Andrew said; This kind of question is
like asking for someone to do your homework for you.

Clustering is not hard, but it is complex. You must be willing to spend
a good amount of time studying and practicing before you ever want to
put a cluster in to production. Are you willing and able to put that
time into it? If so, show it by studying and then asking questions.

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