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Re: [Linux-cluster] Question with RHCS and oracle

Michael and Alvaro.
Thanks for your reply. I 'll research how install RHCS with an active-pasive cluster.

2011/4/19 Michael Pye <michael ulimit org>
On 19/04/2011 18:58, Marcelo Guazzardo wrote:
> I would like to Install an Oracle database with RHCS (RH 5.5)
>  I have some issues. Can I make a cluster without using RAC for listener and
> VIP? only using the Redhat cluster services. Or if mandatory to use RAC?
> Any hint will be appreciated.

If you want an active-passive cluster, that is fine to do just with
RHCS, no requirement for RAC. The RH docs have an example of how to do
an oracle cold-failover cluster for oracle.

If you want active-active then you will require RAC.


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