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Re: [Linux-cluster] Question with RHCS and oracle



The paper you mentioned is now 6 years old.  Quite a bit has changed in RHEL  CS and Oracle DB since.


If you need RAC and you are doing this for a living, I recommend that you invest in these two books:


For Oracle 11g (published in 2010):



For Oracle 10g (published in 2006):



Each has 800+ pages of very solid information.


However, as always with books, they are obsolete the day they are published.  Oracle 11g R2 RAC is covered in the first book in one chapter only.


I hope this helps,




Chris Jankowski


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Hello again

Anyone here have read the follow paper http:www.perftuning.com/pdf/white_paper_linux_cluster.pdf    ?
That i see very well explained. If anyone have another page with tutorials, thanks in advance.
PS: Sorry for my english!

2011/4/19 Marcelo Guazzardo <mguazzardo76 gmail com>

Michael and Alvaro.
Thanks for your reply. I 'll research how install RHCS with an active-pasive cluster.

2011/4/19 Michael Pye <michael ulimit org>

On 19/04/2011 18:58, Marcelo Guazzardo wrote:
> I would like to Install an Oracle database with RHCS (RH 5.5)
>  I have some issues. Can I make a cluster without using RAC for listener and
> VIP? only using the Redhat cluster services. Or if mandatory to use RAC?
> Any hint will be appreciated.

If you want an active-passive cluster, that is fine to do just with
RHCS, no requirement for RAC. The RH docs have an example of how to do
an oracle cold-failover cluster for oracle.

If you want active-active then you will require RAC.


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