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Re: [Linux-cluster] Solution for HPC

dlugi wrote:
Hi Gurus,

I would like to ask You about something. Since few days I`m preparing 3D fluid simulation. The problem is that my simulation is rendered only on one core. CPU usage provading information that only 1 core is 100% used by process. In my opinion this software doesnt support multithreading thats why everything is calculated on one core.

Is it possible to build some kind of HPC cluster where this single process could be distributed for several machines ? I`m not thinking about dividing this job for several small peaces and distributing them. I`m thinking about infrastructure where single process could use CPU power from several machines at the same time.

Is it possible to do this on RH or Fedora ?

There is no such thing - period. On any OS. If your application is single-process/single-thread, it will only scale vertically.


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