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Re: [Linux-cluster] How do you HA your storage?

With dual-controller arrays, dm-multipath  keeps checking if the current
device is still responding and switches to a different path if it is not.
(for examply, by reading sector 0)

With SAN failover, you may need to tell the secondary SAN LUN to go into
read-write mode.
Unfortunately, I am not familiar with tying this into RHEL.
(also, sector 0 will already be readable on the secundary LUN, but not

Maybe there is a write test, which tries to write to both SANs
The one which allows write access will become the active LUN.

If you can switch your SANs inside 30 seconds, you might even be able to
salvage/execute pending write operations.



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I'm struggling to find the best way to deal with SAN failover.
By this I mean the common scenario where you have SAN-based mirroring.
It's pretty easy with host-based mirroring (md, DRBD, LVM, etc) but how can
you minimize the impact and manual effort to recover from losing a LUN, and
needing to somehow get your system to realize the data is now on a different
LUN (the now-active mirror)?
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