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[Linux-cluster] Problem with rhel6 + rgmanager + ip service

I'm trying to setup a trivially simple cluster using RHEL 6.1
(cman+rgmanager). I've got three interfaces, and I want a managed IP on (which should match eth1). At this point though, I'd be
happy to get any IP working on any interface.

Here's my config:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster config_version="15" name="an-clusterA">
	<cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>
	<totem rrp_mode="none" secauth="off"/>
		<clusternode name="an-node01.alteeve.com" nodeid="1">
				<method name="apc_pdu">
					<device action="reboot" name="pdu2" port="1"/>
		<clusternode name="an-node02.alteeve.com" nodeid="2">
				<method name="apc_pdu">
					<device action="reboot" name="pdu2" port="2"/>
		<fencedevice agent="fence_apc" ipaddr="" login="apc"
name="pdu2" passwd="secret"/>
	<fence_daemon post_join_delay="30"/>
			<ip address="" monitor_link="on"/>
			<failoverdomain name="an1_primary" nofailback="1" ordered="1"
				<failoverdomainnode name="an-node01.alteeve.com" priority="1"/>
				<failoverdomainnode name="an-node02.alteeve.com" priority="2"/>
		<service autostart="0" domain="an1_primary" name="san_ip"
			<script ref=""/>

Running clustat says the IP should be up:

Cluster Status for an-clusterA @ Tue Aug  2 01:32:41 2011
Member Status: Quorate

 Member Name                             ID   Status
 ------ ----                             ---- ------
 an-node01.alteeve.com                       1 Online, Local, rgmanager
 an-node02.alteeve.com                       2 Online, rgmanager

 Service Name                   Owner (Last)                   State

 ------- ----                   ----- ------                   -----

 service:san_ip                 an-node01.alteeve.com          started

I can't ping that IP from either node, nor does the IP appear in either
node's 'ipconfig -a'.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

E-Mail:              digimer alteeve com
Freenode handle:     digimer
Papers and Projects: http://alteeve.com
Node Assassin:       http://nodeassassin.org
"At what point did we forget that the Space Shuttle was, essentially,
a program that strapped human beings to an explosion and tried to stab
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