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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem with rhel6 + rgmanager + ip service

On 08/02/2011 02:53 AM, Ralph Grothe itdz-berlin de wrote:
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>> From: linux-cluster-bounces redhat com 
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>> Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2011 7:34 AM
>> To: linux clustering
>> Subject: [Linux-cluster] Problem with rhel6 + rgmanager + ip
> service
>> I'm trying to setup a trivially simple cluster using RHEL 6.1
>> (cman+rgmanager). I've got three interfaces, and I want a 
>> managed IP on
>> (which should match eth1). At this point 
>> though, I'd be
>> happy to get any IP working on any interface.
> Hi Kelly,
> since I haven't even run a RHEL 6.1 host yet, let alone RHCS
> under it, I probably better should keep my mouth shut (or my
> fingers at rest, more appropriately).
> But anyway, have you tried if the RA binds the IP correctly by
> simply executing the script manually like (I know there exists
> rg_test but this circumvents any clurgmgrd interference)?
> # OCF_RESKEY_address="" /usr/share/cluster/ip.sh
> start
> and then
> # OCF_RESKEY_address="" /usr/share/cluster/ip.sh
> status
> Rgds
> Ralph
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> Linux-cluster redhat com
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Nah, I was being silly. I needed:

<ip ref=""/>

but had:

<script ref=""/>

Works fine now.

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