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Re: [Linux-cluster] meta-data problem: rg_test shows the wrong value

On Mon, Aug 08, 2011 at 07:24:34PM -0400,
Ofer Inbar <cos aaaaa org> wrote:
> |     myresource {
> |       name = "B"
> |       monitoringport = "9105";
> |       status_timeout = "30";
> |       status_interval = "40";
> |     }
> Where is it getting this "40" value from?
> Well, the funny thing is that the correct value *used* to be 40.
> That was the default the resource agent sets if you *don't* specify
> status_timeout in cluster.conf.  To test my new change, I made a copy
> of cluster.conf in /tmp, added the new status_timeout values, and ran
> rg_test on it.  But somehow, rg_test seems to be giving me a value that
> does not come from this run of the resource agent and this cluster.conf.

I should add that this strange behavior persists even after I:

 - Change myresource.sh such that its default value is noe 60, not 40
 - Restart rgmanager on all three nodes in the cluster

Watching the service's logs, I can also see that rgmanager is actually
calling "status" every 70 seconds, which is 30+40, so it is obeying the
incorrect value.

(And separately, this makes me realize that it waits timeout+interval
seconds between status checks, which I had not realized; I had assumed
that it would only wait interval seconds between checks.  This stuff is
not well documented :/)

  -- Cos

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