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[Linux-cluster] "Invalid resource" starting KVM guest with clusvcadm


 I have a 2 node KVM cluster under Scientific Linux 6.1. Starting guests
works fine through virsh, virt-manager, and even rg_test. When I try to
use clusvcadm however:

[root node1 ~]# clusvcadm -e vm:test
Local machine trying to enable vm:test...Invalid operation for resource

 The resource XML follows:

<vm autostart="0" domain="node1_primary" max_restarts="2" migration_mapping="node1:,node2:" name="test" path="/mnt/shared/xml" recovery="restart" restart_expire_time="600"/>

 SELinux isn't logging any denies but even with it fully disabled I get
the same behavior. With cluster debug logging enabled the only thing out
of the ordinary is from rgmanager:

Aug 25 17:09:12 rgmanager No other nodes have seen vm:test

 The odd thing is I have a very similar cluster which does not have the
same problem. I can duplicate this exact guest there and start it up
with clusvcadm. Cluster and libvirtd configs are essentially the same
between these clusters with the exception of hostnames. Even the rpm -qa
output matches. 

 Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am quickly losing my sanity.
I'm happy to provide any config or specific versions if necessary. Thank


Michael Morgan
mmorgan dca net

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