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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fence_vmware_soap


On 11/28/2011 10:59 PM, Geovanis, Nicholas wrote:
> RH Cluster Services on RHEL 5.7, all nodes running in Vmware VMs:
> The only doc I can find on the fence_vmware_soap fencing agent is the
> script itself and the man page for it. There is no background info in
> either and no examples. I can get my Vcenter server to respond to a
> "list" subcommand but anything else receives "Failed: Unable to obtain
> correct plug status or plug is not available". Sadly, the "successful"
> list only retrieves exactly 100 entries from one of the 8 (Vmware)
> clusters running (same cluster every time, same 100 VMs and templates
> every time).

'list' option was not tested with that much entries but it's
functionality is not used anywhere yet. So it does not impact proper
function of fence agent.

'Plug is not available/...' in which format do you enter it. Proper one
is explained in manual page (/datacenter/vm/Discovered virtual
machine/myMachine) where myMachine is yours name. Alternatively you can
use option -U / uuid.


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