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[Linux-cluster] GFS2 + ACL + SGID...



We had configured a clustered file server with (samba + ctdb + gfs2). GFS2 partition is mounted with ACL option. When we create a folder in GFS2 partition, irrespective of user being provided with full permission for the folder via ACL, the user is not able to delete or rename the folder created by him.


Please find the example:


Folder path: /test/abc/

Permission for /test is rwxrwx---+

Permission for /test/abc is rwxrws---+

For abc user been provided with full permission…. Where we were able to find the permission thro’ getfacl command.


Now the user is able to created folder inside the abc folder. But not able to rename / delete the folder which he created. Can anyone kindly assist on this.




Sathya Narayanan V

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