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[Linux-cluster] falied to implement HA-LVM with clvmd rhcs5.6



I followed redhat instruction trying install HA-LVM with clvmd. ( rhcs 5.6 - rgmanager 2.0.52-9 ) 


I can't make it work. 


lvm.conf- locking_type=3

clvmd work

Its failed saying HA-LVM is not configured correctly.

The manual said that we should run "lvchange -a n lvxx" edit the cluster.conf & start the service.


But From lvm.conf :


case $1 in


        if ! [[ $(vgs -o attr --noheadings $OCF_RESKEY_vg_name) =~ .....c ]]; then

                ha_lvm_proper_setup_check || exit 1


If the vg is not taged as cluster than the ha_lvm is looking for volume_list in lvm.conf.


I am confused- Does the VG should taged as cluster ??  ( BTW - the old fashion HA-LVM is worked with no problems )

redhat instructions :

To set up HA LVM Failover (using the preferred CLVM variant), perform the following steps:


1. Ensure that the parameter locking_type in the global section of /etc/lvm/lvm.conf is set to the value '3', that all the necessary LVM cluster packages are installed, and the necessary daemons are started (like 'clvmd' and the cluster mirror log daemon - if necessary).


2. Create the logical volume and filesystem using standard LVM2 and file system commands. For example:

# pvcreate /dev/sd[cde]1 
 # vgcreate <volume group name> /dev/sd[cde]1 
 # lvcreate -L 10G -n <logical volume name> <volume group name> 
 # mkfs.ext3 /dev/<volume group name>/<logical volume name> 
 # lvchange -an <volume group name>/<logical volume name> 


3. Edit /etc/cluster/cluster.conf to include the newly created logical volume as a resource in one of your services. Alternatively, configuration tools such as Conga or system-config-cluster may be used to create these entries.  Below is a sample resource manager section from /etc/cluster/cluster.conf:


<rm>      <failoverdomains>        <failoverdomain name="FD" ordered="1" restricted="0">           <failoverdomainnode name="neo-01" priority="1"/>           <failoverdomainnode name="neo-02" priority="2"/>        </failoverdomain>    </failoverdomains>    <resources>        <lvm name="lvm" vg_name="shared_vg" lv_name="ha-lv"/>        <fs name="FS" device="/dev/shared_vg/ha-lv" force_fsck="0" force_unmount="1" fsid="64050" fstype="ext3" mountpoint="/mnt" options="" self_fence="0"/>    </resources>    <service autostart="1" domain="FD" name="serv" recovery="relocate">        <lvm ref="lvm"/>        <fs ref="FS"/>    </service> </rm> 





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