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Re: [Linux-cluster] IPv6 Setup with RHCS


I am searching for the same thing and haven't found anything definitive on http://docs.redhat.com. I have a support call to RedHat setup for Monday. I will update with what I find out.


On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 13:57, Robert Hayden <rhayden public gmail com> wrote:
I have searched for a concrete example of RHCS in a pure IPv6 environment, but I have only found references that IPv6 is supported.

Does anyone have experience with setting up RHCS with IPv6 that they would be willing to share?  Any good, technical papers out there?  In particular, I would like to stay in the RHEL 5.x release, but would consider RHEL 6 options as well.  I am wanting to protect a simple, custom application that requires a floating IPv6 IP address resource.


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