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[Linux-cluster] Problem with machines fencing one another in 2 Node NFS cluster


I am running a 2 node cluster being used as a NAS head for a Lefthand Networks iSCSI SAN to provide NFS mounts out to my network. Things have been OK for a while, but I recently lost one of the nodes as a result of a patching problem. In an effort to recreate the failed node, I imaged the working node and installed that image on the failed node. I set it's hostname and IP settings correctly and the machine booted and joined the cluster just fine. Or at least it appeared so. Things ran OK for the last few weeks, but I recently started seeing a behavior where the nodes start fencing each other. I'm wondering if there is something as a result of cloning the nodes that could be the problem. Possibly something that should be different but isn't because of the cloning?

I am running CentOS 5.5 with the following package versions:

Kernel - 2.6.18-194.11.3.el5 #1 SMP

I have a Qlogic qla4062 HBA in the node running: QLogic iSCSI HBA Driver (f8b83000) v5.01.03.04

I will gladly provide more information as needed.

Thank you,

fn:Randy Brown
org:National Weather Service;Office of Hydrologic Development
adr:;;1325 East West Highway;Silver Spring;MD;20910;USA
email;internet:randy brown noaa gov
title:Senior Systems Administrator
tel;work:301-713-1669 x110

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