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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster with shared storage on low budget

I have an in-progress tutorial, which I would recommend as a guide only.
If you are interested, I will send you the link off-list.

As for your question; No, you can read/write to the shared storage at
the same time without the need for iSCSI. DRBD can run in
"Primary/Primary[/Primary]" mode. Then you layer onto this clustered LVM
followed by GFS2. Once up, all three nodes can access and edit the same
storage space at the same time.

So you're taking advantage of all three technologies. As for mirrored
LVM, I've not tried it yet as DRBD->cLVM->GFS2 has worked quite well for me.

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Sorry my mail client isn't indenting above reply (zimbra - shrug). I have used DRBD to mirror 2 SAN's. I tested the active / active with ocfs2 and must say the performance knock was really terrible. It may have been application specific (many little files), but i think the general consensus is use active / passive with some cluster failover if you can.

But please do test active / active and let us know if its better!  (I also know there is a new version of drbd that is meant to improve dual primary mode)


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