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[Linux-cluster] HP iLO3 and /sbin/fence_ilo not working

According to this knowledge base article at redhat, https://access.redhat.com/kb/docs/DOC-39336, the /sbin/fence_ilo script should work with iLO3. I am using the version of cman mentioned in the article. The iLO3 firmware is at the latest revision 1.16.
The fence_ilo script just returns a connect/login error as follows:

[root node01 ~]# /sbin/fence_ilo -o status -a '' -l mitel -p ilopassword -v
Unable to connect/login to fencing device

The login credentials are correct as I can connect via ssh:

[root node01 ~]# ssh mitel 10 39 170 233
mitel 10 39 170 233's password:
User:mitel logged-in to ILOUSE103N281.(
iLO 3 Standard 1.16 at  Dec 17 2010
Server Name: host is unnamed
Server Power: On


Is their anything else that needs to be done to execute the script successfully? The fence_ilo script works on previous iLO versions.

Linked Article:


    * How do I  set up HP iLO3 as a fence device in a Red Hat Cluster Suite (RHCS) cluster?
    * Why does fencing fail on Red Hat Cluster Suite when using HP's iLO3?

    * Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5
    * Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
    * Red Hat Cluster Suite
    * HP iLO3


Support for the iLO3 fence device in RHEL5 has been added with the release of cman 2.0.115-34.el5_5.4 through erratum RHEA-2010-0876. No special setup is required after installing this erratum to get the iLO3 to work.

HP has also released new firmware to address an issue with fence_ipmi which could cause the server to be powered on instead of off. We therefore advise you to upgrade to firmware version 1.15 (28 Oct 2010) as provided by HP. For installation instructions or problem resolution with this firmware version we refer you to the HP website.
Root Cause

HP iLO3 was not supported by fence_ilo.
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